EXITheatre's process for creating original work relies on theatre as a collaborative form for artists. Employed in at least one production per season (1998-Projekt 2000, 1999-Projekt 2000.2, 2000-Workshop of Undo, 2001-Undo, 2002-Code), our process involves writers, designers, actors and directors working themeatically toward a common vision guided by the directing team. Using compositions and Viewpoints, as training with which to begin creating a common vocabulary for movement, ideas are explored through text, movement, music and gesture.

Part of our mission is to bring the world of theatre onto the streets of Seattle. Working in non-theatrical spaces provides us the opportunity to break away from expected traditional forms of theatre. As an audience walks into the rusted and corroding form of the Kalakala Ferry Boat (Projekt 2000.2), behind a building to a fire escape (Projekt 2000) or into a hulking airplane hanger (Undo) and is asked to stand on a streetlamp-lit sidewalk, sit on a folding chair or on a pile of blankets on the ground, expectations have already changed and the rules of performance have been affected.

EXITheatre is rooted in collaboration: providing a home for artists to engage the unknown, deliberately exploit convention and move beyond the black box.